What’s There to do in a Small Town?

For most of my life, I lived in a rather large city, where excitement could be found around every corner. I was never left bored because everywhere I went there was an option to go bowling or eat delicious food or explore something new. But then I moved to a small town for college (when I visited the first time the quietness gave me an eerie feeling that I loved) I soon found out that once you’ve been to a few select spots, there was nothing else you could do. Activities became repetitive.

So, after discussing with a group of friends, I’ve made a list of activities to keep any small town teenager thrilled through their boring days. Most of these activities can be accomplished by whatever is hidden in a home or dorm room, so the cost is low while the fun is high.


My dorm room partner came up with this once we had moved into the larger, more secluded dorms on campus. We had our own bathroom, but after emptying our shower caddies and hanging up our towels, the walls were bare empty. So, she came up with the idea to invite all of our friends and have them paint anything they liked to hang up on our walls.

Not only was it a way to get everyone to hang out, but it also gave them the freedom to express themselves through art (even if they thought they were bad a drawing). Everyone got time to relax and simply paint. Even my hardcore friends — who said that they would only come to watch since having to paint was boring — found themselves working on one of the most detailed and intricate pieces.

It turned out to be a wonderful collection of art — now hanging on our bathroom walls pridefully — and one of our top complements when we showcase our rooms to visiting students.

Movie Night

I have to foreclose that this one requires either a TV or a projector, but movie nights are always a blast! Everyone loves watching movies, but because were had restricted access to the public TVs in the lounges, one of my friends offered to hook up their projector in their room.

Everyone brought their own snacks and drinks, I made popcorn to share and we ended up watching scary movies until visitation was over. The only expenses were the snacks, so there's no stress about money. And like I said before, we all had a great time.

School-Hosted Events

Now I know what your thinking — why would I ever go to some lame school-hosted event with my friends? Well, I’m here to tell you that people put a lot of work into keeping students entertained.

My college hosts an event every other week, which is awesome. Just for the month of March, we’ve had a Skate Night, Monte Carlo, Hot Chocolate Hangout, Poetry Readings, and so, so much more. Even if you can just get a couple of friends together, it’s loads of fun and you often get free stuff out of every event. And every broke college student loves the word “free.”

So I advise you to join the community and hang out. You only make it as lame as you want it to be, so go out and make something out f those events!

Learn to Cook

As soon as I arrived at college and realized that my dorm rooms had a complementary stove and oven, I realized that not being able to cook my own meals was a huge problem. Sure, the cafeteria food wasn’t awful, but having a home-cooked meal was always the better choice (especially when going out to eat wasn't an option).

My dorm roommate knew how to cooked some dishes, but we were both at a dead-end after a couple of weeks. So, after getting close with some friends, we pitched an idea to meet everyone’s lack of food consumption.

We would get together and learn to cook. That way, we’d learn multiple dishes and have a meal for the night. Steaks and potatoes, enchiladas, fish and rice, and ravioli and barbeque chicken have all been made for our delight.

And it’s not too expensive either, especially when the cost of the food is split. And often, we get leftovers to carry us for the next couple of days. Sorry cafeteria ladies, but I’d prefer my friend's chicken pasta over your watery beef soup any day.

And the list goes on: stargazing, garage selling, gym hangouts, and generally just picnics with friends can all be accomplished just about anywhere. It’s really up to you on how you live your life, but for me, I’d want it filled with irreplaceable memories in a small town in the middle of nowhere.




Currently attending Sterling College where I’m working to receive a Major in Writing and Editing.

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Shaylee Gibbs

Shaylee Gibbs

Currently attending Sterling College where I’m working to receive a Major in Writing and Editing.

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